Mountain Wooden Toy

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Product Description: Discover the wonders of nature and the art of stacking with the AVWoodSy Waldorf Mountain Stacker. Perfectly crafted to inspire little imaginations, this toy serves as a bridge between tactile play and the vastness of the natural world.

Key Features:

  • Age-Advised: Suitable for children starting from 2 years old, ensuring hours of safe and immersive play.
  • Stunning Colours: Hand-painted in hues that mirror the beauty of mountain landscapes, this stacker not only entertains but also educates.
  • Premium Materials: Made from high-quality Beech wood, it's designed to last and endure, just like the mountains it represents.
  • Specifications: Weighs 0.4 kg with dimensions of 2.7 cm depth, 24.9 cm width, and 15 cm height. Consisting of 8 meticulously crafted pieces, it's the perfect size for little hands to grasp and explore.
  • Educational & Fun: Beyond just stacking, it can be used in storytelling, imaginative play, and even as an introduction to geography.

Introduce your child to the towering peaks of the world in a fun and interactive way with the AVWoodSy Waldorf Mountain Stacker. Every play session becomes an adventure waiting to be explored.