AVWoodSy Waldorf Vulcano Stacker for imaginative play

Vulcan Wooden Toy

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Product Description: Discover the wonders of nature and the art of stacking with the AVWoodSy Waldorf Mountain Stacker. Perfectly crafted to inspire little imaginations, this toy serves as a bridge between tactile play and the vastness of the natural world.

Key Features:

  • Age-Advised: Suitable for children starting from 2 years old, ensuring hours of safe and immersive play.
  • Stunning Colours: Hand-painted in hues that mirror the beauty of mountain landscapes, this stacker not only entertains but also educates.
  • Premium Materials: Made from high-quality Beech wood, it's designed to last and endure, just like the mountains it represents.
  • Specifications: Weighs 0.4 kg with dimensions of 2.7 cm depth, 24.9 cm width, and 15 cm height. Consisting of 8 meticulously crafted pieces, it's the perfect size for little hands to grasp and explore.
  • Educational & Fun: Beyond just stack

    Product Description: Journey to the fiery core of our Earth with the AVWoodSy Waldorf Vulcano Stacker. This unique toy erupts with opportunities for imaginative play, letting young minds explore the majestic force of nature in a safe and playful manner.

    Key Features:

    • Age-Advised: Expertly crafted for children starting from 2 years old, allowing them to experience the thrill of a volcanic eruption in the palms of their hands.
    • Vibrant Colours: Radiating with colors inspired by molten lava and earthy terrains, this stacker offers a visual treat while ensuring the educational value is never compromised.
    • Premium Build: Constructed from durable Beech wood, it promises countless eruptions of fun while withstanding the test of time.
    • Specifications: At a weight of 0.6 kg and dimensions of 4.5 cm depth, 23.9 cm width, and 27.9 cm height, the 11 meticulously designed pieces cater perfectly to eager little hands.
    • Multifaceted Learning: While it introduces young ones to the wonders of geology, it also promotes motor skills, cognitive development, and imaginative play.

    With the AVWoodSy Waldorf Vulcano Stacker, every playtime becomes an exciting geological expedition. Dive into the depths of the Earth's mysteries and watch creativity flow like molten magma!

    ing, it can be used in storytelling, imaginative play, and even as an introduction to geography.

Introduce your child to the towering peaks of the world in a fun and interactive way with the AVWoodSy Waldorf Mountain Stacker. Every play session becomes an adventure waiting to be explored.