AVWoodSy Waldorf Colours Symphony

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Color Theme
Cherry Blossom
Atlantic Waves
Mountain Valley

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AVWoodSy Waldorf Colours Symphony Rainbow: Where Imagination Meets Craftsmanship

Step into a world of color, creativity, and endless imagination with the AVWoodSy Waldorf Colours Symphony Rainbow. Inspired by the time-tested Waldorf educational approach, this magnificent rainbow toy is designed to captivate young minds, stimulate creativity, and encourage free play.

Features & Benefits:

  • Waldorf-Inspired Design: With 12 beautifully crafted beech wood arcs, this rainbow is more than just a toy; it's a gateway to imaginative landscapes, architectural wonders, and storytelling adventures.

  • Themed Colour Collections: Available in a variety of themed color palettes, each arc is painted with precision, ensuring a visual treat that sparks joy and wonder.

  • Age-Advised Play: Expertly crafted for children aged 2 months to 6 years, this rainbow toy fosters color recognition, balance, coordination, and cognitive skills through play.

  • Dimensions & Weight: Weighing 1.5 kg and sized at 5.4 cm (D) x 35 cm (W) x 17.5 cm (H), it's the perfect addition to any play space, offering substance and style.

  • Premium Beech Wood: Made from high-quality beech wood, every piece is smooth, durable, and showcases our commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

  • Child-Safe & Durable: Finished with non-toxic, child-safe paints, our rainbow adheres to strict safety standards, ensuring peace of mind with every play session.

  • Enhance the Play Experience: For an even richer and diversified playtime, pair the Waldorf Colours Symphony Rainbow with our AVWoodSy Fountain of Colours Rainbow Plates. When used together, these sets unlock even more construction possibilities, inviting children to create larger structures, imaginative landscapes, and intricate designs. Boost the fun and creativity by combining these two sets and watch as your child's imagination soars to new heights!

The AVWoodSy Waldorf Colours Symphony Rainbow isn't just another toy; it's a playtime companion, waiting to be a part of countless stories, adventures, and memories in your child's formative years.