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Newborn / Infant

Montessori toys and furniture for newborns (0-1 year) are designed to support sensory perception and early childhood development. They offer safe and stimulating opportunities to promote motor skills and early discoveries in the world around them.

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For the age group of 1-3 years it is of great importance to promote independence and sensory developmentstimulate motor development. Encouraging early steps towards self-reliance and tactile exploration.

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For the age group of 3-10 years, it is of great importance that independence, creativity and problem-solving thinking are promoted through self-directed and practical learning. Our furniture provides an adaptable environment that supports the growing need for discovery and the development of social skills during this important period of development.

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For the 10-18 age group, it is important to consider products that meet their growing needs for independence, personal space, and activities that match their developmental stages. This age group spans late childhood through adolescence and finally adulthood - a time of significant growth, learning and personal development

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Our Solution

AVWoodsy has designed a furniture collection specifically tailored to the needs of children and young people in the healthcare sector. We offer a Swiss product with the highest safety standards and ergonomic design. Inspired by Montessori education, our furniture promotes independence and engagement by encouraging activity and learning. They offer everything from comfortable lying surfaces to functional play and learning furniture to improve the hospital experience, promoting both physical and mental recovery. In addition, our products are designed to stimulate social interaction and make the stay for young patients as positive and enriching as possible.

Montessori Principles

Montessori pedagogy is based on self-directed learning and encouraging the child's natural development, preferring wooden toys over plastic as they enrich the sensory experience through texture and weight. Wooden toys also support sustainability and longevity, which is consistent with the Montessori principles of mindfulness and respect for the environment. In the development process, emphasis is placed on aesthetic simplicity and functionality to stimulate children's creativity and imagination. In contrast, plastic toys can often be overstimulating and contribute less to the development of fine motor skills.

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At AVWoodsy, sustainability is not a trend, but a fundamental part of our philosophy and our actions. We are aware of the responsibility we have towards the environment, our community and future generations. We carefully select materials that are known not only for their quality and durability, but also for their environmental impact. From FSC-certified wood to organic paint.Our Swiss manufacturing facility uses advanced technologies and processes designed to minimize energy consumption and waste. Through efficient manufacturing processes and the reuse of resources, we strive for the lowest possible environmental impact.

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what our References say

Sangri-la Mactu.png__PID:c746e1fe-9ded-4040-86b5-a7bf8f0d1a46
Dave Junker.png__PID:262e519f-f080-43c7-86e1-fe9ded604046

Dave Junker

“We are delighted to create memorable experiences for families thanks to AVWoodSy exceptional range of products. This endorsement reflects a tangible shift towards child-centric luxury that is both meaningful and delightful”

GM Sangri-La Mactan Cebu

Dr. med. Flavia Ada.png__PID:1e262e51-9ff0-4083-8746-e1fe9ded6040

Dr. Med Flavia Ada

This collaboration with AVWoodSy is not just about toys and health, but about creating a future in which children can grow, play and thrive while being assured that they are receiving the best possible health and developmental support.

Chinderdokter - Zurich

Andrei Manea.png__PID:83c746e1-fe9d-4d60-8046-b5a7bf8f0d1a
Andrei Mainea_.png__PID:f08083c7-46e1-4e9d-ad60-4046b5a7bf8f

Andrei Mainea

I recently had the pleasure of working with AvWoodsy to create a beautiful cabinet for my daughter, along with several wooden toys, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. From start to finish, the process was not only smooth but also incredibly enjoyable. Their team is talented, passionate, and genuinely cares about delivering the best possible product to their customers

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