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Toddler Table Cloud

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Cloud Table by AVWoodSy AG

Introducing the Cloud Table: a celestial haven meticulously designed for dreamers aged 18 months to 6. Merging the wondrous essence of clouds with Montessori-driven design, this table becomes the ethereal stage for imaginative play, creative projects, and those cherished snack times.

Features & Benefits:

  • Skies for Young Dreamers: Precisely crafted for children aged 18 months to 6, the Cloud Table offers a whimsical yet sturdy surface tailored to their developmental and play needs.

  • Montessori Magic: Rooted in Montessori principles, the Cloud Table supports autonomy and independence, offering a perfect setting for self-led activities, from craft sessions to storybook adventures.

  • Swiss Sky Craftsmanship: Upholding AVWoodSy's legacy of unrivaled Swiss craftsmanship, every Cloud Table manifests as a blend of longevity, aesthetic allure, and child-centric innovation.

  • Eco-Heavenly Design: Coated with eco-conscious, child-safe bio paint, the table epitomizes our commitment to harmonizing luxury with planet care.

  • Celestial Charm: The table's cloud-inspired contours evoke daydreams and wonder, inviting young minds to touch the skies with their imaginations.

  • Safety in the Skies: With a focus on child safety, the table boasts smooth edges, a balanced footprint, and finishes that prioritize gentle interaction.

  • Durable and Safe Coating, Each piece is finished with a non-toxic, water-based lacquer that not only enhances the wood's natural beauty but also provides a hard-wearing, scratch-resistant surface. Safe for children and environmentally friendly, our coatings ensure that the product remains pristine and easy to clean, making it ideal for frequent use in a busy family environment.

  • Removable Legs for Versatile Use, Our innovative design includes easily removable legs, allowing for versatile use and compact storage options. This feature is particularly advantageous for adapting the product's height to different age groups or storage within limited spaces. The simple, tool-free mechanism ensures quick adjustments without compromising stability and safety.

Gift your child a table that not only complements their room but also uplifts their spirits. With the Cloud Table by AVWoodSy, every moment transforms into a heavenly journey of creativity, joy, and growth.