AVWoodSy Rocking Horse

Hand made Montessori Rocking Horse (Ages 1-4)

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Introducing our Montessori Rocking Horse, a timeless treasure crafted for the modern child. Combining fun, functionality, and safety, this piece is a must-have for any playroom or nursery.

Beginning as early as age 1 , children have an innate desire to explore motion and balance. Our Rocking Horse allows them to do just that, offering a gentle rocking motion that delights, entertains, and educates. Influenced by the Montessori approach to learning, this toy is more than just a plaything—it's a tool for development. As children rock back and forth, they're not only having fun but also honing their sense of balance and coordination, crucial skills for life's many adventures.

Crafted with an eye for detail and a heart for quality, our Rocking Horse stands out in both design and durability. Made from premium materials, it boasts a smooth finish, ensuring safe play without any rough edges or splinters. The robust build promises to withstand hours of play, making it a cherished toy that can be passed down through generations.

Safety, as always, is paramount. Every curve, every edge has been meticulously designed to provide a secure rocking experience. Its broad base ensures stability, while the hand-carved handles offer a firm grip for little hands. With our Rocking Horse, parents and guardians can rest easy, knowing their little ones are playing safely.

Beyond the physical benefits, our Rocking Horse also plays a vital role in imaginative play. As children saddle up, they're transported to a world of adventure—galloping through meadows, racing with the wind, or embarking on heroic quests. Such imaginative scenarios boost cognitive development, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

Gift your child the joy of timeless play with our Montessori Rocking Horse. It's more than a toy—it's a vessel for learning, adventure, and countless memories.

Rocking Horse Specifications:

  • Total Length: 840 mm
  • Total Width: 364 mm
  • Total Height: 625 mm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality Beech wood, known for its durability and fine grain.
  • Removable Back Seat: Designed for flexibility and adaptability, the back seat can be easily removed as per the child's comfort and growth.
  • Removable Leg Support: The leg support can be detached, making it suitable for children at different stages of development and ensuring long-term usability.

This carefully designed rocking horse combines functionality with safety, offering a timeless piece of play furniture that grows with your child.