AVWoodSy Magical Spaces for Kids

Personalized Room Designs for Kids

Personalized Room Designs for Kids

KIDS Space Creation

KIDS Space Creation

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Toddler Chair

Swiss Crafted Wooden Design Chairs offers a space for creativity, meals, and more


Play Desk

Organize & learn with AVWoodsy's Kids Storage Desk where Fun meets function

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Shelves Library

Explore & Learn: Montessori Library Shelves for Easy Access & Joyful Reading

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Pikler Sets

For developmental play, fostering motor skills and imagination in toddlers and young children


Balance Bike

Handmade balance bike: nurtures coordination and balance, perfect for toddlers’ first steps into cycling

AVWoodSy Baby Walker

Baby Walker

Early mobility, supporting safe exploration and development for infants learning to walk

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Embrace love's Finest

Elevate moments with AVLoves Adornment Hearts

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Happy Parents, Happier Kids

My boys love to climb. But our apartment is small, so I was thrilled when we found the AVWoodSy Pikler Combo. The best part is that you don’t need to assemble anything! Video

Alex E

We recently got the Pikler Triangle for our toddler, and the quality is simply outstanding. Not only is it sturdy and safe, but it's also a beautiful piece of woodwork.

Jasmine T

The House-themed bed has made bedtime a dream. My little one loves it, and the detailing on the bed is exquisite. It's functional yet whimsical. Just perfect!

Carlos M

The butterfly chairs and table set is an amazing product that we have been using with our daughter for her daily activities based on Montessori concept. We strongly recommend this product. Video

Levine A

The Table & Chairs Set fits so seamlessly in our home. It's the perfect size for our twins, and I can see it lasting for years to come. Worth every penny

Stephanie R

The kits by AVWoodsy are a game-changer. They take the guesswork out of what's essential for each age stage. The items in each kit are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It’s the complete package!

Tina S

I know the concepts of Colours Symphony & Fountain of Colours even before I had kids and I always thought that would be great to have it even just as a decoration for the house.. Video

Andrea T

The Woodsy Puzzles are not just fun but also incredibly educational. Each piece is crafted to perfection, and my son spends hours playing with them. A fantastic purchase

Mira K

The Personalized Hearth is such a special piece in our home. Having our family's name carved on it gives it a personal touch. It's a beautiful reminder of the love and warmth in our family. Thank you, AVWoods

Oscar V

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